Allow Reading Assistant microphone access in Chrome

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About microphone access

For Chrome and Chromebooks, Reading Assistant implements its speech recognition technology directly within the Chrome web browser. This means that to use Reading Assistant, you'll need to enable microphone access within Chrome. Follow the steps in this topic. To learn more see About Reading Assistant speech technology. If you have any further questions, contact Scientific Learning Customer Support.

Allow microphone access

By default, when a student starts Reading Assistant in Chrome for the first time, Chrome automatically prompts the student to enable microphone access within the browser. At the same time, Reading Assistant shows the following message with detailed instructions. To enable microphone access in Chrome, click the Allow button at the top of the Reading Assistant web page. The student can continue using Reading Assistant as usual and should not have to set this option again.

Tip: With Chromebooks, the microphone access setting is automatically saved in each student's Google Account using Chrome's sync ability. This makes sharing Chromebooks easy. Learn more »

Restore microphone access

If the Deny button is clicked when prompted to allow microphone access—or if microphone access has already been denied for Reading Assistant—Chrome will not let the student use the program. Instead, the student will see the following message every time he or she opens Reading Assistant:

To let the student use Reading Assistant, follow these steps to re-enable microphone access in Chrome. This task assumes that the student has already logged in to MySciLEARN, started a Reading Assistant session in Chrome, and received the above message telling the student to ask their teacher for help. Continue with these steps to re-enable microphone access.

  1. Click the camera icon at the end of the address bar to view the Chrome error message:
  2. On the Chrome error message, choose the option "Always allow..." and click Done.
  3. When you make this change, Chrome will prompt you to reload the page. Click the Reload button.
  4. Chrome reloads the Reading Assistant page, this time with microphone access enabled. The student can continue using Reading Assistant as usual and should not have to set this option again.