Internet bandwidth requirements

The Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs vary in the amount of data transmitted and received based on multiple factors, such as the current exercise or reading selection, the program protocol or schedule, and the current status in the program. In addition, bandwidth requirements vary during an individual student session, with larger data transfers occurring during the first few minutes of a session, and in the case of Reading Assistant, after a recording session.

In this topic:

School requirements

  • 128 Kbps per concurrent student training session
  • Maximum 250 ms latency
  • Total data used per session:
    • Fast ForWord program (computer) – 1MB to 6MB
    • Reading Assistant program (computer) – 1.8MB
    • Fast ForWord program apps (iPad) – 500KB to 1MB
    • Reading Assistant program apps (iPad) – 4MB to 5MB

Tip: A good way to improve network bandwidth usage in schools is to use a content sever. Content servers help reduce WAN traffic and increase performance by providing the program content at a local level. On average, a content server at the district or school level will allow 3 to 7 times more concurrent users where available bandwidth is a limiting factor. For more information see About content servers. Note that content servers are not needed when using the Fast ForWord program apps on iPad.

Home access requirements

DSL or faster broadband Internet connection:

  • Fast ForWord/Reading Assistant programs (computer) – 1.5 Mbps/0.5 Mbps (download/upload)
  • Fast ForWord/Reading Assistant program apps (iPad) – 1 Mbps/0.5 Mbps (download/upload)