iPad client requirements

These requirements apply to students using the Scientific Learning program apps on iPad. MySciLEARN does not support using the Safari web browser on iPad; students must use the Scientific Learning apps on iPad, and staff members should only use MySciLEARN on a desktop or laptop computer.


Fast ForWord apps

Reading Assistant app


iPad 2 or later

iPad Air or later

iPad 4 or later

iPad Air or later


iOS 6 or later

iOS 9 or later


High-quality stereo headphone set with padded cups to cover ears (see knowledge base article #1383)

Approved microphone headset (see Reading Assistant headset requirements)


Internet access over Wi-Fi or fast cellular data networks (up to LTE). Speeds will vary based on site conditions—see Internet bandwidth requirements to learn more.


1241MB (approximate) for all apps; less for fewer apps. App sizes may vary slightly based on version; check the App Store℠ for exact storage requirements.

  • 226MB – Fast ForWord Language app
  • 312MB – Fast ForWord Literacy app
  • 217MB – Fast ForWord Reading app
  • 42MB – Reading Progress Indicator app
  • 444MB – Reading Assistant app (Reading Assistant Plus is not available on iPad at this time)